Free Blue Flame Draco AK skin in Free Fire

After its release in 2017, Garena Free Fire has become one among the foremost popular melee games with 500 million players worldwide.

How To Redeem Draco Skin
  • If you get the option of Free Fire ID, then you have to enter your Free Fire ID.
  • After entering the Free Fire ID, you will get the Redeem button, click on it
  • After clicking on the button of Radeem, loading will happen and a page will open
  • After the page is opened, you will get some offers, then you have to complete all the offers.
  • After completing the offer you will get the skin within 24 hours

The Best gun skin in Free Fire is Dragon AK. But the Dragon AK skin is extremely rare, so it’s rather difficult to urge it. But don’t worry. during this post, we Team Shadow Knight Gaming, will offer you Free Fire Dragon AK Redeem Code and discuss another ways on the way to Get Dragon AK Gun Skin for free of charge .

This legendary gun skin offers insane damage and stability over the stock AK skin. It doubles the weapon’s fire rate, increases the damage and stability but doesn’t interfere with the range of the weapon, making it the foremost popular skin among Free Fire players. it’s also the toughest skin to bag in Free Fire.

When you use it with Laura’s skill, ‘Sharpshooter‘ AK are going to be far more stable. That skill improves accuracy when scoped in. It’s not that easy to tug headshots with this skin or with this gun generally .

Basically, this gun is ideal if you don’t do drag headshots and wish to play tactically. The increased rate of fireside makes sure you knock down enemies fast enough, even from far out. However, one headshot will end in a moment kill due to its high firepower.