Free Blue Flame Draco AK skin in Free Fire

Blue flame draco ak47 skin in free fire

Free Fire

Free Fire offers customers a huge range of gun skins and other cosmetic objects. most of the gun skins in the sport have a particular attribute boosted, aiding the customers in keeping off foes.


These days, the developers have announced a new upgradable pores and skin – ‘ak47 blue flame draco.’ the an awful lot-awaited pores and skin has ultimately made its way into garena free fireplace, and many players wish to acquire it. in this newsletter, we test how the players can avail the blue flame draco pores and skin in the game.

Blue flame draco ak47 skin in free fire

In the new diminished wheel, players would must spend diamonds to obtain the blue flame draco. it will likely be to be had from 25th october till seventh november. there are a complete of 10 gadgets within the prize pool, with the pores and skin being the grand prize.

The users could must choose two rewards that they do not wish to achieve from the pool. prizes they acquire will not be repeated, and hence it increases the threat of getting the skin. but, the fee of eachSubsequent spin increases. the price for spinning are as follows – 19, 19, 39, seventy nine, 139, 199, 399, and 599.

How to get blue flame draco ak47 skin in free fire

Therefore, the gamers are, in a manner, guaranteed to get the blue draco skin in 1492 or fewer diamonds, that’s quite top considering its nature.

The skin has a brand new particular kill impact, firing effect, hit impact, kill statement, and more, making it quite a peculiar skin.

The pores and skin also has its extraordinary emote, i.e., draco’s summon, which the players can liberate at stage 7. also, with theGrowth in degree, the attributes are further more desirable. the customers would require dragon scale tokens to improve inside the pores and skin.

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